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Egyptian Denderah light / Dendera bulb replicas and kits

Much speculation has been given to a series of enigmatic relief carvings at the egyptian temple of Denderah. The carvings, from the Hathor Temple of the late Ptolomaic period (circa 300BCE), purportedly show an egyptian ‘lightbulb’ on an insulated stand. It is not my intent to discuss these carvings or hypothetical artifacts here, but to […]

Tesla’s wireless ‘sensitive brush’ Bulbs (Or: The invention of the Fluorescent light)

In 1892 Nikola Tesla gave a lecture to the Royal Society of Electrical Engineers in London1, summarizing his experiments in what he termed ‘sensitive brush’ lighting. Tesla had been working with electrical discharge in evacuated glass bulbs, following the recent (1880′s) popularity of the Geissler tube and the discovery of X-rays. The idea of induction […]