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Burning Man 2007 and 2008: My custom neon plasma tubes-

2007: The Green Man

sunsetThe First Green Man of 2007- Saturday eve, before the event.

A priveleged view for the few of us insane enough to tinker with 15,000 volts from a bucket lift, in high winds,  while 85 feet up.

green man The Garden of hand made plasma Delights, seen from the (relative) safety of the Playa.

Exactly what it shouldn’t look like. (How to loose 1700 pounds in 10 minutes…)

Me, performing the Secret Hemi-Masonic Rituals of the Kult of Thee H.E.A.D.

Since neither the Official Man Ruler, (based on the girth of Larry’s ****), nor the Eigengribbler are in the photo, it has been cleared for public viewing.

This was the plan: I wired the ‘demonstration’ Phoenix, while some Man Base crew figured out how to convince Larry that it had been his idea to carve a symbol of firey resurrection from the charred wood of the festival’s first Man.

I bet you a Whole Dollar that you didn’t know the Phoenix had a backlit eye made from the first installation of rare German neon tube…

The final installation of a very, very hard week of work.

To do the work of months,  in just four days, 60 or 70 of us gave up the entire festival…





2008: The American Dream and the ‘Elvis Belt’

All they told me was, “Make it bright!”

The blue tubes are hand phosphored with ground Scheelite, which is what Tesla used in his wireless bulbs (See my essay for more info…)

burning neon lights 2008

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