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Hexapedestal: For your favored Curiosity.

squid sculpture custom glass eyes

Only glassblowers have Nightmares like this…Sometimes, we are driven to share.

The Hexapedestal is a customizable glass stand for static displays of Art and Artifacts.

It is the perfect ‘Thing’ for supporting the most treasured object in your collection, a stack of moldy Lovecraft novels, or perhaps a small Wunderkammer display case in toto.

It is to be released in a numbered edition of 10, plus an Artist’s proof.

It is approximately 9 inches tall, 13 across, and 16 from front to back.

It has 7 hand made glass eyes, all focused towards a single viewing point: You.

The frontal eye is moveable to any of 6 ground glass sockets in the upper ring of the stem. These have small, rotatable tentacles in them as shown, but can be fitted with a variety of custom attachments…(as shown under the glass bell jar below; two additional eyeballs on ground joints have been added)

The central column and support rod are very thick; each pedestal is tested to 20 pounds, and the suggested load limit is 10 pounds, on a level, hard surface…

It can be supplied with a variety of platforms in marble, steel or glass, which can be attached, countersunk, or free.

Please enquire for pricing and availibility.


vacuum belljar wunderkammer

monkey skull

view camera


teddy bear

Bonus points: Those well versed in the works of a certain F. Leiber, may recognize it as a certain Hero’s patron…

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